SureWaves Digital Display Networks 

Organizations today are diverse and spread across multiple geographies. Many of these organizations wish to effectively use their multiple office and retail spaces for external and internal communication but do not know how to!

With SureWaves Digital Display Networks, they can now communicate with these captive audiences with great ease. We offer complete solutions of integrated digital displays which can be deployed across multiple locations with ease, and powerful scheduling and remote monitoring capabilities to customize content and messages and effectively beam them out to geographically dispersed audiences from a central hub. 

How it works
SureWaves acts as a one-stop shop for industry leading technology and end to end managed services for running live digital display networks to make it a hassle free exercise. SureWaves Digital Display Network Solutions are deployed in leading corporate offices, banks, media agencies, cinema multiplexes, theme parks and Government establishments.

SureWaves DigiXpress

In the advertising industry, more often than not, there is the last minute rush to send the creatives to hundreds of TV channels in far and distant places whenever new ads are to be aired, leading to stressful moments and anxiety. What if there were faster, simpler ways to deliver your advertisement creatives than couriering Beta tapes? And, what if this was also cheaper? May sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what SureWaves DigiXpress brings to you.

SureWaves DigiXpress acts like a digital courier with full work flow control right from scheduling of digital delivery to receipt of acknowledgement from the TV channel. It is now deployed in the studios of more than 400 top satellite TV channels in India to make express delivery of High Quality Television Creatives (TVCs) in industry standard digital formats.
This means that your high definition or standard definition TV creatives running into several Gigabytes can now reach directly into the studios of channels, faster at very little cost.For your convenience, they are also kept archived in an systematic manner for ready access and reuse in future. You can exploit SureWaves DigiXpress to send any other long format video content too.